Nej.cz s.r.o. (the successor of itself s.r.o.) is a ISP/NSP in Czech Republic, operating it's very own fiber optical infrastructure over the country. It is providing services also to customers in Austria and Slovakia

itself CERT/CSIRT team ITSELF.CZ-CSIRT is responsible for security incidents regarding the following:

ASN: 12570

IPv6 prefixes:

IPv4 prefixes:

and domains hosted by our nameservers:
ns.czechbone.net (
ns.selfnet.cz (

Operation hours:

Mo - Fri 9 - 17 GMT+1/GMT+2


email: csirt@itself.cz (primary contact)
phone: +420 533 383 383 (24/7 contact for emergency issues only)
PGP Key ID: 5801139D
PGP fingerprint: 5F62 6E06 98F1 C2D2 E8FC  3D78 A1E9 6E44 5801 139D

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